WeChat public account the latest addition of powder

party in the crackdown, WeChat also Coushang lively, WeChat recently set like the thing for WeChat marketing personnel at a loss. It can be said, let me struggle for a long time, has been unable to find a way through, no hard set like WeChat before, my daily WeChat fans to increase to about 500, after the crackdown, had less than 200 fans. After careful analysis, I am trying to guide a company to promote the time to make a successful breakthrough, today, WeChat promotion programs and WeChat to promote the sharing of cases to everyone.

can be said that there is no natural promotion marketing, two-dimensional code is now very common, if it is in the two-dimensional code of 09 years, may just posted a two-dimensional code a lot of people will feel strange, and to scan, but now the old way is impossible, I find a breakthrough in WeChat promotion of several bottle neck from.

a, O2O promotion

can be said to be WeChat to promote O2O mode, O2O mode is now more common, more popular, but the conventional O2O may not many people will go to scan, and I in the two hours of entertainment found two very classic O2O mode. Let me have to pay attention to its WeChat two-dimensional code.

1, pay attention to the benefits of your WeChat

when I was watching a movie, I saw the WeChat’s two-dimensional code at the top of the cinema with a few words of concern WeChat, free WIFI". I did not think of the four of us as long as there is a person who can see the FIWI password, but with my little partner together with the attention of the WeChat, watching the same WIFI password.

2, creative two-dimensional code

in a playground, accidentally saw a very interesting game, one of the projects is a maze of checkpoints, a very simple maze, but also with the form of two-dimensional code to display, and text to remind the "scan maze" online free fun of the game.

two, conventional promotion


regular promotion also is our common WeChat post or WeChat update fun content, arouse the user reproduced, although I don’t like writing, but I as a reader mentality to understand what I love the article, the following article is the one I love most.

1, blowing products with case

see a lot of WeChat above all boast that they are how niubable, company how much I want to say, what is that? If you are doing a website, you say where you do the site where the cow force, I hope you can come up with the case, when I run QQ cloud marketing, customer at the beginning of doubt, I am not bragging, not so bad, I can put out pictures of the case and free trial. I can allow you to experience real blowing cattle.

2, said skills do not retain

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