How to let Baidu post bar will not be deleted 1

platform is the title of this article is Baidu Post Bar, the reason is very simple, the following rules, mainly used in Baidu Post Bar, but is not limited to Baidu Post Bar, whether other BBS products or other Baidu, can refer to the following parts.

a, image watermark

first make sure that the picture you choose is attractive enough, while ensuring that the contents of the picture do not violate any law of the state.

secondly, in the picture can add a lot of watermark, such as:


QQ number

QQ group number

WeChat number

WeChat two-dimensional code

unique search source

again, select the location of the image insertion, which is why the title of this article will be named one of the key Baidu post bar.

In addition to

doping in the post, you can also assist in Post Bar in your signature, of course, now, the new number is not set Baidu Post Bar signature, but that we Wangzhuan who is definitely not a problem, Baidu small a few cents, or even a few cents a choice, the old account register.

smart students, to a point, can put out a line, since then, can leave the picture, we can do, it is not only a static picture, also can have a dynamic picture, making a dynamic picture, there are many methods, here, I mainly share two kinds:

method one: third party software

effect as shown in figure


software we can go online search, too lazy to look for me, I send you.

method two: with the aid of QQ

mode of operation as shown below:


dynamic graph

two had different purposes, second methods are more suitable for editing is the dynamic map images, without considering the Photoshop layer such trouble, directly using the above operation can leave their advertising information in the dynamic graph, more convenient.

two, content split

said here split, mainly two levels, namely:

1, floor split

this type of operation is common in CPA chat rooms, such as the implementation of the model, such as common words:

post normal, may be their own photos, may be resource sharing may be the lonelycold shoal + Lonely Northern Hemisphere mentality, in short, can let the layman feel: this girl play

then, on the two floor replies from >

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