Adsemer for more than 10000 keyword account price adjustment ideas

this is a question of a former student, the original problem is "my account 3W how to adjust the number of keywords?". In fact, on this issue, many auction practitioners will encounter, especially some new friends, facing a number of accounts more than 10000 words feel very confused, and even some students will help in the price adjustment software, but this is the price of advertising and account number according to the optimization analysis without a clear idea and overall grasp cause, here we have to do some explaining to solve this problem.


first we put aside the account number of keywords, dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands… , in fact, the truth is the same, we must be clear thinking, do anything is a

like, the idea is not clear to do anything is not effective, even if there is no help to adjust the price of software, there is such a word, the tool is to serve the idea.

turned on, no matter how many keywords account, first of all you need to know the account the main project, the main push plan, the main push keywords, is also a direct impact on your account consumption direction, the input-output efficiency of

fruit in the direction of keywords!

and then you want to know whether the main body of the money with the appropriate, there is no waste of a large number of cases, if any, immediately control, adjust, if not, focus on the core part of the

bid ranking, quality, one by one corresponding to the effect, so as to understand the account structure!

if the quality of the problem, combined with the quality of the optimization program to optimize!

relatively speaking, high consumption, poor effect, control;

relatively speaking, moderate consumption, poor results, control;

relatively speaking, low consumption, good effect, improve;

relatively speaking, high consumption, good effect, moderate moderate consumption, stability;

use the money in the right place!

manual adjustment, you need to do these analysis, do not manually adjust you also need to do these analysis, rather than engage in a price adjustment software, a come up all the words are transferred to the top three, because there are

keyword due to the low quality, others ranked three dollars, you can use the word in the top three software may be 40, the software is dead, people are alive!


specific manual or software, analysis is necessary, when you understand the status of your account, and then set up the software, and then the software can be adjusted!

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