And fortune 9 million 500 thousand Angel round of financing

July 7th news, and wealth was 9 million 500 thousand yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is the capital and the human capital and network.


and fortune was founded in December 2014, the original intention was to provide investors with professional financial advisory services division, is a comprehensive Internet financial management platform. The platform is composed of professional financial management division consisting of online team will be provided by financial institutions such as securities, funds, trusts and other products to do a detailed analysis including the product term, interest rate, risk and other issues for investors, for investors to buy.

Internet financial development allows more inclusive financial services, to cover more people. With the rise of the younger generation of financial awareness, financial management is no longer a middle class or high net worth individuals exclusive services, more and more people join them, they need professional financial planner guidance and help. This is one reason why in recent years the Internet Financial Planner platform of vigorous development, according to a million European network, the Internet banking service is currently open all the financial planner, free financial planner, super financial planner, processing customer money, network, the traditional portal Sina joined Sina launched a financial planner.

barn capital is an investment project early institution, founded by one of Ali 18 Ma Long Wei and Wang Ruisheng Zhejiang, focused on the mobile Internet, digital entertainment media, intelligent hardware, cloud computing and other fields.

people and the network is the largest business social networking platform, is committed to creating a business social network based on the productivity of individual transactions ecosystem, the current real name business people have 7 million members. From the beginning of 2015 to extend the transaction from the community, the use of shared economic philosophy, so that the individual ability and resources to maximize the use of others, so as to achieve more economic value and social value.