The essence of the content and layout of the website operation

The topic of the

site operations every time I feel like I can not say anything, including the time to go out for training, originally scheduled for a day’s time, the last is to be completed in two days. These days there have been friends in that they site operation problems, traffic is not enough, access to many people, but the proportion of invalid access is too large, resulting in consulting rate, turnover rate is too low, after several adjustments or no big change, so what is the problem, after several communication and on their site analysis, problem of placement is still in operation on the nature, content and layout.

in the process of doing operation, especially in the beginning to do operations, are more anxious, impatient results have two: one is will take many detours, two is the basis of the fight is not good, in fact, no matter what the results are of the property and waste of time. At this time to remind a lot of people, if the firm confidence to do operations, must not be too much emphasis on immediate interests and results, so it will be too late.

For example, in

development, content editing, development and editing work without what basis, especially do not understand the program of enterprise boss, don’t rush program, you push the more tight, may finally developed program Jerry more serious, but the development costs is not a discount, program the general development of a marketing type of site, the programmer need at least half a month to a month, online directly modify the source code of the matter; similarly, when editing is to give enough time to do, editors should not only consider the users to browse, search should also be considered friendly, taking into account the two well the editing work is not easy, so do not take time, don’t bother can’t do well. These are the basis of a website, is the core of the website, as well as the operation of the foundation, if the time in the development of procedures, there are a lot of problems, is that the operators do better, the effect is general.

so, you said the problem of the operation, in addition to the promotion, flow and transformation, should be a little more attention to the content of the website, the website user experience, how to enhance the user’s credit, said the previous two articles about trust, we can see, but this is the content of the content the layout of this association, according to content, trust and layout adjustment, believe that the site efficiency will be greatly improved.

so, say a lot, how to make adjustments, the following example:

in the shopping site, a product description page, then consider whether in the product introduction page loading: 1 specific information to enhance the user trust information 2 product distribution specific price 3 4 payment methods of information products 5 repair and maintenance information for 6 other common problems after sale 7 users comment. Of course, the need for different types of products is different, they can do some "according to the situation to the