Directional shopping online shopping

e-commerce concept in the depth of the Internet era of the Internet, online shopping has become a fashion shopping, and now did not buy things on the Internet, but was said to fall behind, keep up with the trend of the times. Recently, there has been a new way of shopping on the Internet, which has attracted people’s attention.

"directional shopping" implies is the process of guidance, and guide consumers to purchase goods, which in the traditional industry is the most common commodity sales, mall shopping guide staff is to play the role of. Why do you put it on the Internet, it has become a hot topic.

is said to point to the concept of shopping, the first from the two new B2C platform out. One is popular in the East, the other is a good home network, they have a common place, that is engaged in television media. CEO is the famous Oriental fashion show host Li Jing, owns super visit, I love every day for everyone for having heard it many times television programs, and in the network’s parent company – yuanmedia "housekeeping" operation of digital TV channel, the channel including general mobilization, home decoration, private kitchens, health 100 beautiful new life%, star private things such as column. The two companies rely on traditional media resources to expand their business scope, the formation of their own e-commerce team, cross media operations, has built a B2C e-commerce platform – Le bee network and good home network.

page layout from the two B2C platform, they are not a purely online shopping platform that is online shelves. In the entire page, there is a considerable portion of the layout of its own TV program, which is precisely the characteristics of. The TV play, making the content posted on the network platform, at the same time in the page into appear on TV products or related products, and clearly guide the user to the consumer, as we often say this is a kind of soft, to run without sound, salutary influence of education communication effect, let you andthen accepted his recommendation.

can be seen, this embedded cross media marketing model, in the process of selling goods, so that consumers feel more at ease, more happy. Through commodity implantation, TV brand column guests experience, Master fashion scene experience and recommendation, star effect etc., provide true and reliable lifestyle solution for the user, and then through the electronic commerce platform, commodity programs implant implantation, guest interaction etc., to further deepen the understanding of the user, and as far as possible to stimulate the user’s desire to buy their goods, so as to complete the sales target. The sale of this product, it is what they refer to the "directional shopping" concept.

directional shopping platform and other B2C platform has the following differences:

1 is not a single online shelf, but cross media linkage marketing platform (brand TV + e-commerce);

2 to achieve the purpose of selling goods in the name of the sale of lifestyle;

3 before the full range of packaging products to eliminate the user of the commodity utility

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