Courier said the name of the recipient is called the real name of the police were beaten investigati

November 18th, Zhan Zhiyong courier for nose fracture, right facial hematoma, lying in Jiangsu Lianyungang First People’s Hospital bed, only a faint voice when speaking.

Zhan Zhiyong’s wife, Ms. Han told the surging news reporter said that her husband was injured by the courier was hit by the victim.


Zhan Zhiyong was the recipient courier beaten nosebleed dc. The figures are the Zhan Zhiyong family for map

Zhan Zhiyong, 38 years old this year, has been a courier for about 3 years. According to the Jiangsu express Lianyungang Sinpo company manager Wang Hua introduced, Zhan Zhiyong in the company responsible for the sea road in Haizhou District of Lianyungang City, Chaoyang Road South to north area of express delivery.


express a single display, the express recipient as "Gua Gua".

Wang Hua said in November 16th at 9 o’clock in the morning, James riding a tricycle, a courier sent to the Haizhou District South Street Salt River Street Yongjin lane of a family. As the recipient of the express list the name as "Gua Gua", this requirement is a sign for James, and show proof of identity.

Wang Hua told the surging news reporter said, "Jim is company a honest man", and not those who "did not think he would be playing".

According to Wang Hua

, later learned that because of the real name sign, recipient and James dispute, then press on the ground Zhan Lun boxing beat. The hospital diagnosis, Jim on the right side of the head and face nose fracture, multiple soft tissue swelling, swollen eyes open."


hospital diagnostic report shows, Zhan Zhiyong on the right side of the nasal bone fracture.

"on the morning of November 16th, after the event, alarm my husband to the Haizhou District Public Security Bureau police station road." Zhan Zhiyong’s wife, Ms. Han said, the police will be the parties to a statement from the police station, beating her husband was the recipient and was not injured, and James has been beaten nosebleed DC, on the morning of 10 pm, he was sent to the hospital emergency.

"my husband in hospital," quack "and the recipient families did not apologize to us, but to call himself, compensation, the hospital to threaten us. 18, the police also informed us that "quack" mouth hurt, I need to be responsible for her husband."

18 PM, surging news reporter tried to contact the "quack" times, were rejected.

Lianyungang City Public Security Bureau Haizhou Branch Road police station police officer surnamed Wang told the surging news said that the case is the alarm by Zhan Zhiyong to the South Road police station alarm, reason is its delivery by the recipient in November 16th assault, the Institute has accepted the case and investigation.


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