China warehouse network electronic commerce mode Chinese under the economic crisis

Since the United States launched the

in 2008 then swept to the world financial crisis so many enterprises cubujifang feel a rare economic winter. With the spread and spread of the financial crisis, the majority of SMEs cut production, layoffs, and even bankruptcy. Among them, the victims of the most export-oriented export-oriented enterprises, manufacturers.

however, some experts assert that the financial crisis will coexist, or it will touch many enterprises consciously or unconsciously involved in a new round of industry reshuffle, and situation of enterprise original position is likely therefore a significant reversal: the collision of different operating modes and ideas will take the opportunity to launch an inevitable. According to the natural law of survival of the fittest ", facing a different twist of fate. Who can turn clockwise, turn the operation strategy, the initiative to expand the multi market channels will survive and get considerable development unexpected; and some ideas, do not take the initiative to seek change curing thinking changed, will inevitably in the tide after the crisis at a disadvantage.

supply business to create the background

in such a situation, China warehouse network CEO Huang Jinhui situation, creating "germination look far ahead from a high plane, supply district marketing platform" idea. The market’s potential for many years Huang Jinhui deeply realize that in such a crisis was, if there is a special brand dealers, manufacturers offer simple large network marketing platform, the negative impact not only can cushion the impact of the economic crisis brought to the enterprises, but also help enterprises to go back to the days of vigor and vitality in a relatively short period of time, even let your business out more strong vitality, and guide the majority of business people more deeply understand the huge function of modern high-tech business, and consciously understand and accept. With this idea, Chinese warehouse network CEO Huang Jinhui went to Beijing to create a "China warehouse network supply district" ideas to the relevant departments of the State Council, received a positive affirmation and approval of the relevant departments. After returning to Guangzhou, Huang Jinhui upstream, investment of about 10000000 yuan to create "Chinese warehouse network supply district marketing platform".

Supply District, the biggest benefit object – brand dealers, manufacturers

supply district marketing platform "is a new marketing model Chinese warehouse network launched, is the majority of enterprises, especially brand dealers and manufacturers of products, marketing, trade preferred solid platform. It provides "online display, order, payment, net freight and warehousing services such as high quality and high efficiency, all-round service will make brand dealers, manufacturers unprecedentedly, and bring unlimited business opportunities for enterprises marketing hitherto unknown, reducing energy consumption, help enterprises create tremendous economic benefits.

supply business district can bring convenience to the enterprise?

after nearly six months of research and development and market research, supply business marketing platform was officially launched in April 11, 2009 and a grand foreign investment. The quality of its online and offline integrated services and leading operational ideas have been numerous enterprises

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