Electricity supplier tax Consumer online shopping spring has come

related business tax rumors, transfer for two years, today, electricity providers really want to implement! On January 5th, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office announced the "tax collection and administration law amendment bill (Draft)", the draft multiple chapters have increased the transaction tax business, according to the economic reference news, Chinese first "electronic commerce law" draft is expected to be completed in the second half.



had electricity supplier tax rumors:

March 2013, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong suggested that we should go through the "electronic commerce tax law", the establishment of e-commerce tax registration system; in June 2013, representatives of the Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry of commerce is to actively promote the "Regulations" retail network management; in March 2014, representatives of the Ministry of Commerce said again, the tax on traditional enterprises and e-commerce enterprise unified application; in August 2014, according to the economic information daily news, the IRS established research group on electronic commerce, on the electricity supplier taxation policy scheme; then, it is accompanied by a variety of taxing electricity supplier speculation…… January 7, 2015, China’s first e-commerce law broke the news is expected to be completed in the second half.

prior to the industry to the electricity supplier to levy 5% of the rumors will also be with the e-commerce law settled the veil.

electricity supplier after tax, online shopping advantage will be significantly reduced?

Comparison of the

store and online shopping online shopping, the biggest advantage is cheap, convenient and diversity, and in the most competitive advantage is "cheap", although the online shopping platform is a very fine operation, the next day experience and home shopping convenience, but often play the whole network of the Jingdong cheap and many businesses Tmall recently broke the "Tmall price to the lowest of the whole network, otherwise will be punished", constantly shows us an everlasting shopping experience: to protect the quality of the price is the best advertising.

then what will happen after the electricity supplier tax


store without paying rent without tax delivery times the electricity supplier becomes extremely lonely, only left the store without paying rent advantage, it also means that one of the biggest advantages of online shopping cheap price drop greatly.

for consumers, the original "cheap" products will not be cheap, but on the other hand, are online shopping Chaos Management "electronic commerce law" will give consumers more customer service guarantee. Just tax can bring customer service guarantee to consumers? Do you feel safe too far? Otherwise, "a small level of electronic commerce law" is Industrial and Commercial Bureau supervision of online shopping, is the beginning, start is not all regulatory policy. When the business tax on the right track, the supervision of online shopping journey will also open, all online shopping chaos is difficult to be caught, but absolutely can be covered all over with cuts and bruises.

so after the electricity supplier to bring tax consumption >

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