Groupon and the nternet giant Tencent cooperation is widdy

in any country, any one industry, there will be the so-called "giant", the Internet industry is no exception, we cannot say that the giant is a monopoly, determines a lot, we still have to look at the system say, even if not so well, because we are only one of the numerous living beings. Of course, we are very important.

in China Internet development like a raging fire at the same time, we know that several giant recognized, such as more Chinese understand Baidu brother, led a large country China search engine started; instant communication and to the annexation of the whole continent Empire Tencent; and leader led by Ma Yun Chinese of electronic commerce Alibaba, also occupy a huge market Chinese e-commerce. Of course, there are many other industries, many giants.

in my personal opinion, the establishment of many so-called "giants" is now the powerful empire of Rome, from the so-called justice to the encroachment on natural Ling overweeningly ambitious, but whether there is a Rome Empire general fate? We don’t know, or wait.

as the saying goes, the widdy, now many emerging entrepreneurial companies are trying to climb the ladder of giant trees when Phoenix, with a strong user base of giant and ample funds to develop their own company, but not every company do it for.

news Groupon and Tencent officially launched the site Gaopeng in 28 days, until the noise is very fierce, but also on the line now has a variety of claims. In February 15th, Gao Peng was less than 24 hours will not be able to access. Therefore, the industry also has a lot of discussion.

The first is that the sudden demise of

partner sites may be problems in the communication, the person in charge of Groupon business in China want to get online and make the results revealed, Tencent will have to wait for a better time.

second argument is that, on the 15 page of the line, it is likely to be an engineer operating error.


has such two kinds of argument, but we can find the following 15 Gaopeng website’s ICP information is in Beijing, but is now in Shenzhen, and that is consistent with the Tencent’s 3366 game network. What does this mean? Ha ha!


in the operation of Gaopeng executives as the general manager and executive director of Tencent, a party as supervisors, but from the start almost entirely by the power to change now a website on the details, we can see that the dominance of Tencent is already in possession of the friends.

so for small companies, the climbing high weight of the giant is widdy? In the know. These are personal drunken words, does not have any comment against Italy, purely personal chat, please paizhuan. SEO technology exchange group: 128451745, welcome to join

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