How to improve website weight

what is your weight, is the search engine to the site (including web pages) would be given authority value of the website (including web page) the authority of the evaluation of a website, the higher the weight, the share in the search engine’s weight is larger, the search engine rankings is better, improve your weight, not only conducive to the site (including web pages) in the search engine’s ranking, but also improve the whole station traffic, so increasing the weight of the website is very important, the following Seoer Xiyuan and talk about how to improve the site weight:

a website content

often publish some original articles, the search engine will love, often visit your website, the website is more dynamic, but visitors will reprint articles, the weight of the inside pages will gradually improve, if the site is mostly acquisition, reprint articles, web site in the search engine weight will be more and more small.

two, website design

The design of W3C site

total production, the use of DIV+CSS for page layout design, title and meta to control the number of words in 15 words or more, less with images, Flash animation, Js code, site size of no more than 100kb, the station generates static html. website, standardization, concise, easy to search engine spiders crawl but the spider more love.

three, domain name and server

1, relative to the natural weight of the domain name, in turn, 1gov 2edu 4com 6cn 5net, domain name registration time, the higher the relative weight of the domain name;

2, the web server will be used to ensure the stability of the server, the normal access in the search engine, the security of the server, the server is not infected because of hacker attacks, while the normal visit website. The server is best to use an independent IP, only place a website, can improve the site weight and not because the server placed the search engine does not like the station, and affect the site’s weight.

four, website promotion

push the site to make some category such as: Amazon classification directory, Coodir directory, Yahoo directory, provide to the site navigation hao123 home site, 265 Internet navigation, 5566 site navigation, wide in 2345, 114 site navigation site navigation, etc.. Cooperation Links: exchange some similar Google the PR value high site links, mutual promotion, mutual increase weight.

five, website correlation

add some things around the theme of the web site, do not require large, but to be more specific. The site is beautiful and easy to produce, the content is more professional, valuable content, can show the unique and practical content of their own, but also to improve the site traffic, reduce the bounce rate, improve the conversion rate of.


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