The details of website promotion of resources exchange skills

on the network, most of the webmaster is to get traffic through the search engine, in fact there are many other ways you can make your site a lot of traffic, the swap is a very good promotion method of web resources, reasonable use of cyber source exchange, visibility and traffic can greatly improve the site, so today we have to introduce specific website promotion of the exchange of resources.

I think we all understand website promotion in many different ways, its purpose is to guide the flow, establish the popularity of the website, the website to build brand image, and reasonable utilization of resources exchange, write text, line activities, we can make the website had to rely on search engine users visit, gradually transformed into user habits so long, pay attention to the website for the site to change, stable flow, enhance the independent daily IP, so we should learn the reasonable utilization of these resources, to build their own website brand, and today we will explain in detail the contents of the exchange of resources.

resource swap ideas and resource swap types:

1 link exchange

Links swap is our most common resource exchange work, everyone should check each other site in the search engine performance in exchange links, mainly included the number of see the other side of the website in the search engine, the other site included Baidu update frequency and Google pr.

2 ad exchange

advertising exchange is more suitable for the same type of professional web site or similar sites, including some companies or groups need to promote their products or website means. This advertising exchange work, we generally through the investigation of the site was put on the website architecture design, the overall traffic analysis, advertising display position and frequency of occurrence and judgment.

3 column or flow swap


column or traffic exchange compared with the previous two different places is complementary advantages, after all, every webmaster in the station when the energy is limited, can not take into account to an industry inside each point, so we can use the same with their industry and different types of web exchange column or flow, increase the source of their website traffic at the same time, in the same industry to expand their web connections, so the column or flow swap a win-win work.

I want to through the above three ways of cooperation of the website allows you to get more traffic, and greatly enhance the stability of IP independence day, and can expand their contacts, in the same industry website of course, so as to promote the work better after the establishment of the basis of cooperation.

source: China knowledge network.

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