Circle of friends marketing content to impress users

since WeChat in the mobile Internet hot up, whether individuals or businesses want to do WeChat marketing, whether it is to sell the products or services of the enterprise or individual as from the media, the spread of personal influence, or simply to earn a living, the goal is very simple also want WeChat to be apart from SNS (such as micro-blog, Baidu know knowing, etc.) outside the offbeat Marketing Marketing methods. Thus opening the door of the mobile internet marketing, therefore, the market on a variety of books on WeChat marketing, activities, seminars, etc., has become a sunrise industry, began to slowly develop. However, when you read these books, lectures and other activities, and you also know how to run your circle of friends? We all know that the circle of friends is full of ads, such as mask, clothing, personal publicity from the media advertising is too much, but what about the effect of publicity? Must only know the advertisement. As I personally, I am very disgusted with the circle of friends marketing tools. However, advertising does not necessarily bring the customers or the conversion rate, but to use the content to impress clients, so as to enterprises or individuals with the conversion rate, then Cao Yong will teach you how to use

content to impress customers!

in essence, WeChat is divided into two categories, one is the individual number, one is the public number. From its characteristics, Cao Yong felt the public number it has more marketing potential than micro-blog. So, whether personal or public number, can be used as enterprises or individuals following the virgin marketing SNS marketing after the opening, also said, the Internet is full of WeChat marketing books, lectures and so on, but is really effective? Surely a person or people who do not speak clearly.

first: Baidu TOP current hot spot


TOP Baidu billboard is the current hot spots of Internet barometer from above can clearly see the search index, each keyword corresponding to the back, that is to say the higher the index, so the popular crowd is higher. While the news marketing is also belongs to the highest value of content marketing, to find a suitable combination of industry news, reviews, personal views, with products, at this time the contents of both hot, and point of view, is a very good news article marketing. Of course, in addition to the list of Baidu TOP, as well as the list of search dogs, Google trends, 360 winds and so on, so as long as the content of this article to find the right article, marketing is no longer a problem.

second: expanding influence

when we go to some websites or forums to see an article, or creative material, we can collect, finally through the collection of material or creative articles and then sort, Cao Yong here recommended impression notes. If you are brand marketing, we can go to check before the famous brand marketing case, and then combined with the enterprise do in-depth understanding, finishing a value to the users of the case summary, plus your personal opinion, it will be very popular, but.

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