YLY Webmaster graduate the most memorable Yunlu fate

      time really fast, who would have thought that his identity as the last posting of the station is actually his departure announcement. I remember two years ago, the first time to see their school in the BBS telnet interface, the joy in the heart is really sweet, than to eat the honey however, now two years later, I can only gently say: "Its time to say goodbye."


      two years ago, when I was sophomore, some old friend introduced me "(the most fiery was in a complete mess" in college students’ Forum). At that time only narrowly in a complete mess city version, see some of the home city and other bad comments, some more radical views, while others are relatively narrow. This is the forum features, sitting here can comprehend other city so I fell in love with BBS, and a get out of hand.


      later with Fterm, try telnet login. Began to black and white interface is not used to some, after a short adaptation found that telnet landing can be ruled out any interference on the interface, but also the core content – text and comments presented in front of. Automatically jump to a new post layout makes the administrator of the BBS control more convenient and rapid.


      Fterm in the address book, I find the "Central South University YLY BBS" forum and many key universities, try to register, dispatch, integration…… Time soon, I found YLY in discussing some of the things around us, if there is no one to say these things, they also with the university days gone with the wind.


      so, it felt, and a voice said to me, "take part in it, to learn more about it." I apply for the moderator, often participate in activities, to become a real enthusiastic netizen, then know that the webmaster sAMY, two director of bird and a wooden head. Sophomore next semester, a wooden head presenting me to the station group, that summer, I became an employee of yly.


      to the beginning, I was responsible for the forum opening, closing, director of life, version assessment and other things, although it is not too complicated, but when you really hard to do, to find it difficult to grasp the scale. At that time, the old station led gave me great encouragement and help, slowly!

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