Bitcoin in the end is what was actually speculation to the central bank shot

(original title: bitcoin in the end is a what was actually hype to the central bank shot check)


data map.

Beijing, Beijing in January 12, (Wu Tao) 11, bitcoin prices once again "diving", according to the bitcoin trading platform OKCoin data show that the bitcoin opening day 6305 yuan, closing 5400 yuan, fell 14%, third "diving in January which is also the price of bitcoin". 5 bitcoin highest price has more than 8000 yuan.

11, according to the people’s Bank of China headquarters in Shanghai website news, the people’s Bank of China headquarters in Shanghai, Shanghai finance office and other units to form a joint inspection team to carry out on-site inspection of bitcoin china. Focus on examination of the enterprise is beyond the scope of business, whether without permission or no license to carry out credit, payment, exchange and other related businesses are involved; market manipulation; the implementation of anti money laundering system; financial security.

6, the business management department of people’s Bank of China headquarters in Shanghai (Beijing) and the central bank has announced that due to the recent bitcoin price fluctuation, to prevent risks, maintain financial stability, combined with the relevant financial regulatory authorities interviewed the main person responsible for the fire bitcoin currency network trading platform, OKCoin, BTCChina, in order to understand the operation of the platform, suggesting that the risk may exist, the requirements in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, legal compliance management. Urge the platform to carry out self-examination and other relevant laws and regulations and the corresponding rectification.


photo source: bitcoin trading site OKCoin

bitcoin rose sharply behind the implementation of "swap" in


bitcoin since 2013 China hot, then bitcoin trading platform also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, after nearly three years of relatively quiet period, why now has become the focus of public opinion, by the regulatory departments of the inspection? Beijing noted that recently, bitcoin prices plummeted, the roller coaster effect.

according to the transaction data on the OKcoin display, 1 to 5, bitcoin continued to rise, after another breakthrough of $7000, 8000 yuan mark, the highest reached 8888 yuan. However, in the evening of 5, bitcoin prices diving, once fell to $6000. The 6 day, 7 day, bitcoin is still the cliff downwards, 8 -10 days, bitcoin prices basically stable. In 11, there was diving in the evening was below $5200, closing at 5400 yuan.

it is worth noting that during bitcoin "diving", part of the bitcoin trading platform collapse, not landing, causing investors to suffer greater losses, which exacerbated investors panic, further affect the volatility of the price of bitcoin.

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