Know almost commercial speculation in addition to what aspects of advertising can generate profits


is particularly clever, in the writing of this article just heard the sound of the sound of the radio interview @ Zhou source of ape dung ape feces. Do you know that Saturday the Beijing blue sky, the nest at home to know almost know almost writing is a kind of selfless dauntless revolutionary spirit. You ask me, depending on how deep the lamp represents my heart. Don’t talk nonsense, right.

on the Internet know definition are not very accurate, social quiz, knowledge sharing, knowledge encyclopedia are only covers part of the functional demands of knowledge, more precisely known should be "knowledge-based social quiz website". The breeding of Internet products for a reason, but also can be said to be the needs of users, there is value, value also have to consider the cost, to continue to obtain value requires a certain cost support as the basis, know almost a business website, manpower, technology, promotion and other needs of the previous team, thinking first the product experience to do, the user needs to identify the algorithms improve, so do the investment not only to earn no ground for blame, but always not capitalist ideas, in the noisy shouting IPO quanqian circle user age, sit down to do products is not no, but not much, how to commercialize, how realization when realized sooner or later will become a big problem facing the team.

do you know the problems of the commercial road?


positioning in the high-end users, the quality of the output of almost know, in many of the knowledge products stand out unique to the hearts of users deeply laid a solid brand. High quality content is what everyone wants to read and share, but the quality of the content is scarce, there is a threshold, it requires people with knowledge and experience to create content, and these people are the source of content. The knowledge of the content you will find that the main topic of the Internet, technology, business and talk of the breadth of knowledge is not enough, lack of diversification, the content is the scarcity of high-end users know product operators will face the pain point, this phenomenon stems from the emergence of innovation works and resources to Li Kaifu, Cai Wensheng and Xu Xiaoping a group of angels investors for the spread of products leading role, they are like a stimulant, let the user know almost straight up, but with the development of user fatigue products, ‘innovation’ era known user growth experienced change radically, looking a little tired, like in the hillside pactrometer.

again, the political base determines the superstructure, the political foundation of the Internet world is not a member but the masses, namely grass root. Is the so-called grass root who in the world, 9158, YY is a good example of grass root counter attack. Think that year to compete with Tencent MSN do you remember in the IM software market in the United States today? It is OK? Not to say no high-end market, but high-end in some cases on behalf of the minority, the minority will have a strong influence in a certain range, but it is not mainstream. Some poor analysts to study the watercress, watercress feel a lot of missed opportunities, teeter slowly.

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