China Railway Administration acquired the domain name 95306 cn will be built in electric network

renamed China ( February 2nd news, last year, Chinese Railway Administration in 12306 on the basis of the new customer service phone 95306. Now users have found that the domain name has been acquired protection, and the recent adoption of the domain name for the record review, or soon will enable the establishment of the site, then will be the same as site?

China Railway Administration new customer service phone 95306, as with the original 12306, divided into passenger service, freight service, luggage and parcel of small pieces of express services in three sections, offering train tickets, fares, and being late for such services.


figure: record information

see China Railway Administration acquisition of domain name, Xiao Bian initially wanted to be just like the China Railway Administration and the virtual operators, to protect their customer service phone domain name. See the site information, Xiao Bian think might want to build and the same booking website to ease the embarrassing situation hanging from time to time.

but small query record information found by the audit in January 21st, the name of the web site display was China railway e-commerce network ", and" Chinese railway customer service center "completely be quite different. China Railway Corporation is to cross the line to get involved in the electricity business


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