Enjoy the luxury business China network collapse debacle

others greed I fear, Buffett, a classic investment in luxury electricity supplier industry is very suitable. In the luxury electricity supplier has been sought after by investors, there are investment institutions adhere to do not look good, said the electricity supplier can not do luxury". The passage of time, all year as "All flowers bloom together." the character of the luxury goods business now or collapse, or transformation. By the end of May, just enjoy VIP collapse this conclusion net increase compared to the latest footnote.

as an expert analysis, the real foreign luxury, there is no license to sell online.

Chinese dare to call themselves the luxury business, there is panic buying purchasing foreign buyers, the so-called joint businesses, most of them are cooperative and agents can not guarantee supply. This is absolutely contradictory, on the one hand, consumers are not afraid to buy products, on the other hand, consumers are afraid to buy too much, not on the goods. Luxury electricity supplier this business model, how can it be successful?.



at the end of May, the electric district came has been hailed as the history to get the fastest Saif invested enterprises enjoy "surface has been unable to open. China business reporter June 3rd and two in June 12th to enter the network enjoy the URL, the page has been pointing to a domain name registration agency.

enjoy the collapse of the network, e-commerce marketing experts will think, "4 years ago when the fire in the China luxury business development, but also the situation than content, because behind it can not guarantee the supply of this mishap has not been resolved, the collapse of the problem sooner or later. Because of the network with the bank, telecommunications and other agencies to solve the problem of trust and focus on doing high-end customers, and thus died later."

and later Jingzhao Eagle capital in 2010 when the hottest luxury electric providers that adhere to the luxury electric providers do not vote, he believes that the electricity supplier can not do luxury. There are two main reasons, one does not have a cost advantage, and this is not the electricity supplier companies have not been able to obtain brand authorization and ensure supply related. For example, he said, if the total cost of luxury electricity supplier is half of the traditional retailers, even if the price is still competitive. But the problem is that the luxury quotient of the control channel is very tight, so the agency problem of supply, China luxury retail electricity providers and traditional luxury compared to no cost advantage, so only lower administrative expenses, sales expenses and financial expenses, but the current electricity providers rely on venture capital burn smashing advertisement caused by cost the high point of view, there is no luxury electric providers overall cost leadership advantage. Two is the user experience is not good. Consumers love the traditional storefront richly decorated, filled with aristocratic culture, as well as service personnel refined and courteous feel valued, that luxury is not just actually buy the product, but a kind of psychological satisfaction, a noble, scarce, personality and other spiritual needs. From this point of view, luxury electricity supplier, these five words are contradictory, want to change the user’s consumer psychology and behavior is very difficult. So, in reality, >

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