Webmasters Daily News April U S website rankings released a new virus attacks in the Middle East

1, ComScore April U.S. web site ranking: Google Microsoft YAHOO listed in the top three

Beijing time on May 30th afternoon news, the U.S. market research firm comScore released last week by the United States in April this year, Microsoft and Google website ranking, YAHOO ranked the top three, the light Tumblr.com blog for the first time into the top 50. In April this year, Google website UV (monthly unique visitors) reached 189 million, ranked the nation’s first sites; Microsoft site for 171 million 200 thousand, ranked second; YAHOO 170 million 900 thousand, ranked third; Facebook.com 158 million 700 thousand, ranked fourth. Light blog Tumblr.com for the first time into the top 50, with a UV of 23 million 500 thousand ranked in the top forty-seventh.

ranked fifth to tenth sites are AOL, Amazon, Ask Network, Wikimedia Foundation website, Glam Media and apple. From the class point of view, the general news is still the most popular, in April this year, UV was 183 million; ranked No. second is entertainment news, UV is 119 million; ranked in the fashion community is, UV is 83 million 570 thousand.

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light blog Tumblr ranked among the top 50 U.S. websites ranked 47

2, the top of the list and its of the past five years, the IT of those people who do those things for the past 15 years

began in 1997, has been the emergence of knowledge heroes. The computer reported IT billboard also has long been concerned about these heroes, which has fought for decades old heroes, such as Wang Jiangmin, Qiu Baijun, Lei Jun, Liu Chuanzhi, also has the bright younger generation such as Zhou Hongyi, Ma Yun, Ding Lei, etc.. Once the "hero" of the knowledge they contain the countless heroes, new faces, latecomers become the first example of the Yangtze River is It is often seen., bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach…… The time has gone, but these heroes will not be forgotten, in the first time, they noted, with knowledge of the hero Chizha Zhongguancun, this group experiences and stories, and they founded the enterprise, at that time have been brilliant

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3, network heavy weapons attack the Middle East thousands of computers were infected

Russian computer virus prevention and control agency Kabasiji laboratory 28 released a report to confirm the new computer virus, the flames of invasion of Iran and other countries in the middle east. Technical staff to cyber attack weapons qualitative flame, speculated that the virus may have a government background.

Kabasiji laboratory confirmed that the flame has invaded Iran, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia

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