Domain name investors heavily invested CC domain name is not speculation but promising prospects

in May this year, the ultra short domain name pass to the high price of successful trading, after the transaction has become another high priced short domain name. Digital domain generally less limitation, strong commonality, and easy to remember, short URL is given priority to with the number of natural objects has become a hot domestic well-known enterprises and large websites competing acquisition. The deal, is by far the largest of a CC domain name transactions, but also people’s eyes turned to the.Cc suffix, CC domain name exactly how to become a hot topic of debate and rice farmers.

".CC" for the national top-level domain, especially Cocos (Keeling) Islands Island, but now it has been widely used as a general domain. Although it has not yet become a new global top-level domain name, it has the same nature, function and registration principles as.COM,.NET and.ORG (for individual and unit applications). "CC" is "Chinese Company in the world" (China company) or "Commercial Company" (business) pronoun, meaning clear, easy to remember. The.CC domain is rich in resources, huge commercial potential, and users need not also install additional software, as a global top-level domain, which is more convenient for people to recognize and remember, has been a new generation of Internet users is widely recognized and accepted. From last year, there have been investors and owners attention domain CC domain name and registered.

if the domain name suffix is not likely to occur in the case of a single letter, then the same double letter suffix CC domain name can be said to be one of the best remembered suffixes. Rich in resources and easy to remember are the two major advantages of CC domain name. At present, there are a lot of sites using CC domain name and success, such as the well-known webmaster Guo Jijun love aggregation ( and the Czech Republic of the site navigation ( There are some local portal station also began to panic buying and industry related CC domain name registration. At the same time as the "Chinese Company" (Chinese companies) and "Commercial Company" (commercial companies), CC domain name is also a number of domestic enterprises are concerned about. But the biggest disadvantage is that the CC domain name registration fee is expensive, COM domain name registration costs about $7, while the CC domain name is more than $10, many domestic service providers CC domain name registration prices in 300-400 yuan. Although this year, the registration fee of CC domain name has dropped to one hundred dollars price, the lowest even to 82 yuan. But the registration cost is still high, the cost is high and the renewal is not widely registered one of the reasons to use.

Although the

CC domain name in the industry. It was good, some people disdain for the future prospects, and not too much certainty answer. But the investment domain is not a short-term behavior, often need to be discerning, make accurate judgments, and dare to invest a long wait. When the domain name gangster Cai Wensheng investment domain name, but also a lot of

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