More than 2013 business executives karoshi karoshi electricity supplier into the hardest hit

DoNews January 3rd news (reporter An Hong) today there is news that the galloping horse group chairman Li Ming due to myocardial infarction died on the night of January 2nd, only 47 years old.

karoshi has become the leading cause of death in science and technology, electricity providers, culture and other industry practitioners continue to rise. Behind the seemingly glamorous job, work pressure, fast-paced life, unhealthy diet, irregular work and rest, the Internet is widespread and the surrounding industries, these cases will undoubtedly health practitioners in the field of science and technology was a wake-up call.

let us look back a year since those unfortunate due to sudden illness and the death of corporate executives, to pay homage to the industry elite has been away from us.

Tian Jian, former general manager of YAHOO China

February 4, 2013, YAHOO, former general manager of China Tian Jian died of illness, only 44 years old.

Tian Jian served as general manager of YAHOO China in 2005. 2006, Tian Jian outgoing, thanks to become the successor. Tian Jian became Vice President of Alibaba group investment. In 2008 from the Alibaba after leaving work over a period of time in baoxiniao group.

vice president of HC Hong Guangzhi

June 14, 2013 afternoon, HC today released the obituary confirmation, vice president, CTO Hong Guangzhi June 12th afternoon sudden cerebral hemorrhage, died in June 13th in the third people’s Hospital of Beijing unfortunately died at the age of 43.

Hong Guangzhi in 2000 to return to the creation of the Internet video conferencing company VisionNet. After the pass, Shang Yang technology, network wide information service CTO. Before joining the in Linktone served as vice president of technology.

with the development of the Internet economy as well as advertisers infiltration, the number of employees is also rising. The Internet has changed the way many people work, allowing people to build virtual office, anytime, anywhere. But this flexibility also brings side effects, that is, practitioners can not get rid of the shackles of work.

Royal mud square Founder Wu Lijun

July 15, 2013, only 36 years old Taobao electricity supplier – scouring the brand Royal mud square, former chairman of the sudden death of brain disease in Changsha, Wu Lijun, the news of the entire electricity business community shock". According to public information, from 2006 to September 2008, Wu Lijun served as the "Royal mud square" Chairman and director of marketing, Taobao opened six months time to get the best mask ranked first, the final acquisition of manufacturers, become the Amoy brand 50 strong. Can be fed official micro-blog news release, Mr. Wu Lijun due to long-term toil, sudden cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in July 8th. After various efforts to rescue invalid, died in July 15th, at the age of 36.

galloping horse group chairman Li Ming

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