Women love community Hers network for tens of millions of dollars of capital China Jingwei

ChinaVenture Beijing time on April 22nd morning news, Jingwei China exclusively to ChinaVenture revealed that the largest women love net community Hers (http://s.www.hers.com.cn) before the date of completion of the A round of tens of millions of dollars in financing, the investor is China jingwei.

China left Lingye partner Jingwei, Jingwei Chinese has been very concerned about the Internet giant women, love net with just three years has formed a strong influence of tens of millions of women online shopping users.

industry sources, in addition to Taobao love net is outside the community, on taobao.com female buyers influential websites every day to taobao.com delivery up to more than 5000 women’s orders. This high popularity also makes love network became the object of everyone to imitate each other, there are dozens of copycat websites love network and its SNS online shopping platform to share ideas and patterns of tick net annual direct imitation of web page title, love, or even directly pick keywords love net original posts, buy love net etc..

it is reported that the love network was founded in April 2008, is the first female to do online shopping sharing communities, to build the site between the seller and the buyer’s taobao.com female exchange platform as the starting point, to promote online shopping and share one show. Has now covered more than 20 million of female users, more than a million times a day web site visits, which accounted for 99% of the total number of female users, online shopping users accounted for more than 95% of total users. The site had pushed the fire C, energy-saving, Jingjing, leisurely pear sisters, Mo, small Wei happy, 66, Stella and a number of online shopping.

Jingwei Chinese was founded in early 2008, focus on high-tech, media and communications (TMT), or the early expansion stage, enterprise wireless health and consumer services and clean energy in the field of investment opportunities. Not long ago, China has just completed the wave of gold rush tens of millions of dollars of investment, they invest in the 21st century has also been on April 21st in the NASDAQ IPO.

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