The domain name baidu si has passed the record card for all non

June 10th news recently, the dispute of the domain name quickly caused a large number of users and industry attention, some speculated that this may be the net friend’s practical joke.

landing China’s Ministry of industry and information technology for the record site management system ( query found that the domain name filing number is: Su ICP 10103650.

record information from the point of view, the domain name should be in Jiangsu, the record time is 2010, but also the 103650th sites in Jiangsu filing. Before it was discovered that the use the Godaddy server, so, insiders said: This is certainly not for the domain name, and should belong to a domain name investors. According to friends said there is a group of people who hold this domain name

! domain event recently had a final confirmation, raise a Babel of criticism of this domain, not for all. Follow the development of how the site will remain concerned about.

what is the.Si domain name?

.Si domain name is Slovenia’s national top-level domain, to determine all a domain name, according to the who is query can, most of the domain name who is are available through (domestic) or ( and other sites found, but some of the more domain name, need to query by domain name management institutions to. The general management organization called NIC, as Chinese is

              second is to be a blockbuster for domain name


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