2016 from the game process of electric competition gradually become independent affiliated industrie

2016, the official from the gaming game products and services of the affiliated business development into an independent industry. According to the China game industry report shows that in the first half of 2016, China’s E-sports market has exceeded the size of 25 billion yuan, and is still showing a rapid development trend.

experienced in the stage of the concept of speculation, to explore new mode of user growth, capital support, favorable policies and major manufacturers make gaming won many new changes and opportunities in the past year.


event: the surge in the number of commercial mode at


tournament is divided into games and third party vendors do match two forms.

in 2016, the frequency and size of the manufacturers do have improved. In the league tournament as an example, the official has increased for all the people, occupation classification and universities such as multiple audience sub categories based on the occupation League, and including the formation of the city of heroes tournament, LSPL League, LPL League, top occupation de Marcia cup, the challenge of the full range of the league system. The output of the last 200 games in a year. In addition, hearthstone legend, DOTA2 and other popular events through the tournament, the tournament will be organized by the frequency and size of the model has nearly doubled.

interestingly, Bansai continues to expand the scale of the firms under the condition of the third party, but did not do Seyfert stalled, but the performance was more active. Ali, such as the cost of nearly 100 million yuan investment in sports hosted by WESG, the Yinchuan government invested $200 million to host the world E-sports competition WCA, etc.. Benefit from the gaming environment, more and more investors are willing to take out bonuses to hold third party events, and huge bonuses also successfully attracted to a number of projects, a number of area teams and competitors, including Yinchuan WCA finals attracted including Tianlu and Newbee in more than 24 countries and regions players, enough and flourished during the WCG mode match.

bonus, raise system to become the new standard game manufacturers. Following the TI6 raised by the public prize pool of nearly 140 million yuan, heroes union S series of events also used this way, and through several skin sales all the chips will be S6 world finals a total prize pool of $2 million from 2015 to expand to $6 million 700 thousand.

In addition to the

scale and the increase of quantity, some tournament formed a business model initially in 2016. September, "Heroes union" organized gaming business promotion, only China District tournament occupation League LPL, Tencent by tender competing ways to sell the 1 main sponsors and 4 authorized licensing, the main sponsor of trademark reserve price of 30 million yuan, 15 million yuan price token relay. This calculation, in the removal of event tickets, peripheral product sales, in 2017 LPL guaranteed income has reached 90 million yuan. In addition, >

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