The miracle of a girl Weiyi father’s website in the future how to do


items on shore in July 15th on the EMU issued micro-blog

In 2011

"7· 23" Yongwen line special major railway traffic accident 20 hours trapped survivors, "miracle" – 2 two and a half years old little girl a Weiyi. All the parents were killed. Iraq’s father Yu Yu shore, mother Shi Lihong are teachers. July 23rd, mom and Dad took Iraq from Hangzhou back to Wenzhou, sat on the D3115 to Fuzhou emu.

shore more than a family of three on the 15 day take the train to go to Hangzhou to see grandma, more than a bank on the train also posted a photo of her daughter micro-blog: "the first journey by train to Hangzhou to do, remember, don’t want to, it became the last photo shoot for his daughter.

his father more than shore before his identity as a language teacher, and he is also a personal webmaster, he runs the website called Chinese Xuan ( From the micro-blog log to see for the maintenance of normal operation of website in pig Witkey network released the task and get our help Witkey, micro-blog as follows:

@ from Chinese entangled me a week SQL connection problem was finally solved at least last night, there is no problem, it is the crux of the problem of personal edition and enterprise edition, and let me learn some new knowledge. Now on the Internet to find a really easy to master, what is the problem of the pig release task master pour in 200 yuan to fix.

teacher, all the way! This is a fashion good teacher, to create their own "Chinese Xuan" website and the Chinese teacher share of Chinese teaching experience. After this site, who will operate it?

treatment on natural calamities and man-made misfortunes is inevitable, the Internet virtual property has not been the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, don’t let the small Iraq father hard management website on this end?! this is our webmaster need to consider the issue of the micro-blog! Account, QQ account, website, payment account balance and so are our property 7.23, should be protected! Give me the accident again sounded the alarm, you should do a good job of property protection but also hope! "Relevant departments" the introduction of virtual property protection policies to maintain our grassroots station long protection of property


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      high speed rail accident survivors girl: father Yu shore for personal webmaster


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