Alexa false ranking is China’s nternet immature performance

      people are afraid of famous pigs afraid of strong, why are you afraid? Not everyone wants to be famous? 25 year old Zhang Bohong himself into the age of 18, is not to be famous? Shi Jing took off all his clothes and go to the Internet on a station, chicken standing cranes, is not to let their attention? You bet! There is such a group of people who are eager to be famous in the society. Not only eager to be famous, but also eager to own website. So the retreat began to prevail, but cheating and speculation can really make their own value to get a promotion? In fact, these false behind will let the parties bear the enormous pressure, really depends on the strength of famous others scold, and so are the non value or value is known to raise the quality of the famous, will bring great fear to yourself.

      Monday, August 27, 2007, "First Financial Daily" published an article entitled "cheating prevalent in some of China’s Web site in the Alexa fell sharply" article. The paper points out that due to Chinese many Internet practitioners blindly pursue short reclame, leading to its website ranking the abnormal changes in Alexa, the pursuit of short-term reputation cheating led directly to the China Internet impetuous atmosphere.

      Chinese Internet really impetuous? In fact, this is not the case, most of the site is still in the normal operation phase, it is only a few flies into the porridge, leading to the other good ingredients of this pot has also been greatly affected. But A clean hand wants no washing, the real strength because of its good operation "shell", its value is still. A good income site depends on the user traffic. Some of the short – term celebrity sites rely on deception to become the focus of attention, only to prove that their operation is not mature.

      the recent ranking fell sharply and emptied the site including a number of venture capital’s website, such as entertainment, music, Al eight, Esther, popcorn video kuxun. According to statistics, prior to the Alexa ranking of the top 1000 sites in the country, was empty or reduce the ranking of the site in about 30%. And some of China’s major sites, such as Sina, Baidu and other rankings more stable. Of these, a sudden drop in rankings of the site is a retreat group, they ignore the price of fame, it is now stuck in the middle feint. Because in their hearts, they are upset.;

      failure of the site is mostly in retreat, cranes stand pursuit after the exposure of "chicken". WEB2.0 era, mature >

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