The Qin Tao calendar how will the people despise the product from zero to one hundred million

lead: when we enter a all don’t care about the market; we insist on very small segments of the market for two years, the efforts and hardships of more than the others.

May 11th, held by IDG capital and entrepreneurial state IDG campus entrepreneurship contest Wuhan University seminar will be a successful conclusion. The campus entrepreneurship competition in the face of all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus. The Chinese calendar founder Qin Tao to share his journey as a product manager, describes how he will be a look not on products from zero to one hundred million experience.

the following is Qin Tao’s speech record, I have reviewed:


thank you for inviting me. I started the business in 2010, did a lot of things, one of the products is the calendar, you used it? I see a lot of people, if not used, can try to download, we look forward to your valuable comments. We mainly do the piece of the mobile Internet, relatively young team, I was 87 years, the other 88, 89 and 90 years are very welcome to join our talents, will also provide a very good treatment.

I used to sit in the classroom, like everyone else. I heard in the second year of the IDG capital, remember the first time to do a business electricity supplier site, but also specifically to find IDG, looking for them to invest, but did not find a long time to find, and finally they did not send e-mail back. IDG people can sit together with you today, is a golden opportunity. My own business over the past seven or eight years, I think IDG is a very good VC in China, it can really help our entrepreneurs.

today I didn’t prepare too much information, just want to share with you my journey to share how we will all see not a product from zero to one hundred million experience. I remember after graduation is faced with a lot of choice, employment, Graduate School or business, I chose third. But the moment of my business, I think is not what I do today, but I want to do a can change the world, a month can earn a few million things, pretentious to think that I would become a Jobs, or a Robin Li, this is my real time business good idea, but the reality is very cruel.

I was doing a lot of things I think the era, for example I think the basic necessities of life is a huge market, and then intend to subvert the trip, 08 years, 09 years we started on Android travel, is easy, then we do not find, because Ctrip and other large companies exist in front of. We went to the field of eating, do take away, do O2O, 09, 10 years, we believe that these can subvert the community, to subvert the habits of people, and finally found that we were wrong.

two or three years, we have done a lot of products, but

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