89 websites to corruption in the name of money locked administrator involving extortion

according to the Xinhua News Agency website in recent years to "rights" and "anti-corruption" name, fraud, and other illegal activities of blackmail and impose exactions on phenomenon has become increasingly prominent.

administrator sends negative information extortion

in September last year, a town cadres in Guangdong city of Huazhou province Huazhou forum website published on false information on their own, he said "the use of money, or a" burial "peach Secretary", and this information comes from the "ghost of God at the end", "grey wolf" and "success back" net account registration.

holding money to buy peace of mind, the town cadres linked to the site administrator Wang Zhiquan, asked the other to delete these posts, and Wang Zhiquan took the opportunity to blackmail him 5000 yuan.

it’s not over yet. A month later, rumors about the town cadres once again appeared in the Huazhou forum. In desperation, the town cadres to Wang Zhiquan remitted 2000 yuan. He felt that this matter will not end so easily, then reported the matter to the police.

December 13, 2011, the police launched the arrest, in Shenzhen City, Longgang, a rental arrested Wang Zhiquan. In this shabby rented room, a desk with 4 computers. Two years ago, Wang Zhiquan is using the computer network to implement the blackmail and impose exactions on.

the police investigation found that the suspect Wang Zhiquan used his creation and management of the Huazhou forum, registered the "ghost of God at the end", "grey wolf" and "retire after winning merit" and a number of other vest account, by speculation negative information extortion victims money, collect fees to delete posts, a total of 10 criminal cases, income totaling about 100 thousand yuan. Currently, Wang Zhiquan has been arrested by public security organs.

89 web site in the name of anti money

on the Internet, there is a similar behavior of the site is not only one.

May 2008, Xingtang County Land and Resources Bureau of the County Public Security Bureau received alarm, said several people claiming to be Chinese legal network reporter came to interview the man, claiming its work in question, "China law requires subscription information", the identity of suspicious ·. In the subsequent investigation, the police have the evidence to prove that the fake reporter gang has developed 82 members, cable China rule of law network · (information), 935 copies, involving more than $1 million 100 thousand.

this year, there is a website called "rule of law in China". The site claims to be in charge of the justice department. The justice department made it clear that there was no affiliation with the site. The relevant departments have been shut down in accordance with the law before the date of the site.

in 2010, Shanxi province Zhongyang County police have uncovered the use of "network supervision" blackmail and impose exactions on the case. In this case, Zhang Moumou under the banner of "network supervision" banner, through online exposure, speculation, threatening the grass-roots cadres, so as to achieve the purpose of blackmail and impose exactions on money.


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