Podcast site the second half of the road how to go

      the rapid development of the Internet, so that people can experience new and surprising. The arrival of Web2.0 so that each netizen is no longer a simple client information, and become the new creators of knowledge and new content producers. In the first half of 07, video sharing has undoubtedly become one of the most popular label in the Internet after the blog. The experience of half a year of bitter infighting, the portal Sina Podcast in potatoes, cool, six rooms and other local video sharing site to highlight. Competition has become white hot, video entrepreneurs day difficult.

      according to the analysis of the first half of the data, now the popularity of podcasting is relatively high, but those podcasts are hoping for "user generated content", the content of "create" a higher threshold, often in the "Duandun" state. Nevertheless, people do not doubt that the future of video based on the value of the Internet, the network video imagine a better future, some start-ups are still frequently force, location is still a podcast, although they are not certain that he is a podcast, many people think, is nothing but a fierce competition has to add a little red.

      video sharing confusion competition situation, the second half of the road will go?

      blog reference

      blog as a sign of the arrival of the Web2.0 at the beginning of the product passed from the niche to mass line. Really make the blog into a feast for the people, is the implementation of sina’s Blog 2005 at the end of 2, dubbed the standard of 2, but also the reality of the line of 2. The concept of popular blog. Especially with the launch of star blog, borrowed from the eye to the effect of celebrity driven personal blog emerged, sparked everyone to write a blog, all personal views share the Internet as the Internet boom, the identity of the participants highlighted gradually in the popularity of the blog in. Blog as the number one product of Web2.0 out of the people of the pilot of the first step, the implementation of changes in the mode of Web2.0 era to provide a reference for the development of the field of Internet video. Now a podcast development way, portal sina is still walking in the famous line, in the podcast on the home page, a large number of celebrities, the names of institutions have emerged, it is truly eye-catching, as can be imagined, standing on the shoulders of giants Sina blog, podcast prospects and advantages of no doubt.

      cross media cooperation

      when it comes to video, people have to think about copyright issues. In the video site, there are a large part of the content is the interception of the Internet TV, film clips, and these copyrighted film and television works, but also quite popular with users. But it is easy to produce copyright disputes. The merit of video website, and Sina also play podcasts >

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