Virtual currency V treasure pyramid scam 100 thousand game player dream of riches

[Abstract] to be able to fashion virtual currency, combined with the traditional pyramid schemes, thanks to V treasure behind the same diverse team: some people have been financing, some people engaged in pyramid schemes.

missed bitcoin, Wright currency, can not miss the V treasure."

"ship king Onassis family’s investment bank was full of praise for the V treasure, the first 10 million euros of investment will be announced in the near future."

next month, 15 listed on the U.S. stock exchange, will become the world’s first u.s.."

hot in August, this information appears in all the QQ group V treasure, many game player in the sound drops as one falls, another rises, excitedly exchanging everything about V treasure.

V treasure, also known as Vpal, according to organizers publicity, V treasure is a new generation of virtual currency, after the purchase of V treasure, they will get the corresponding calculation, that can get the corresponding V treasure return. But want to get more revenue, we must carry out the promotion, that is, the development of offline, will be attached to the bottom of the wallet in the wallet, you can get the corresponding promotion force, get greater benefits.

claiming to be bitcoin 2 version of V treasure, since July 12th on the line, from $331 all the way up to a maximum of $997, and quickly dropped to the current $550 – just like the tide of bitcoin reproduction. But with other bitcoin virtual currency is not the same, V treasure the most important marketing channel is not online, but taking the next line of publicity; bitcoin earliest game player for the financial, IT industry, V treasure audience beginning for business owners and individual businesses. The middle-aged people, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang sheng.

according to V treasure official website claims data, the current virtual currency trading volume is more than 300 million yuan per day. Informed sources said, V treasure involved in the number of players, up to 100 thousand of the public.

however, a bustling behind, but hidden treasure V a series of problems: never to open source code plagiarism, from false advertising to Pyramid online and offline system, from a former lecturer to MLM ultimate manipulator always faceless man…… Tencent finance survey found, V treasure all the promotional materials were suspected of fraud, fraud and other issues, and its upper and lower into the pattern of alleged pyramid scheme.

a former game player of Tencent Finance said that the operation of the V campaign a great treasure of the company, but also how the audience’s psychology, through the line activities to gather business owners, to lure added to the high rate of return, and through them to win acquaintances, constitute a huge MLM system. "They are a pyramid selling organization in virtual currency." And this judgment, has also been recognized by legal experts.

dreams of riches

from the line in July 12th, less than a month’s time, V treasure will be 331 yuan from the price to $997.

Zhao Lin is in this node into the world of V treasure

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