JEECMS V3 0 1 beta version officially released update highlights

JEECMS V3.0.1 beta version is 3.x series released in second versions, aiming at the existing problems in the 3 edition have been revised more comprehensive, but also to add or improve some functions, such as adding the specified column static function, modified some possible fields, and database reserved word conflict member center module etc.. After the release of the JEECMS V3.0.1 beta version, if the user feedback problem is relatively small, we will release the official version of the JEECMS V3.x Series in the next version.

a, JEECMS V3.0.1 beta version update highlights:

1, adjust the management background columns and function division

JEECMS V3.0.1 of the backstage column and the function division of certain adjustments, such as the static pages, text retrieval, collection management "with the function of generating property unified into" generation "management module, closer to the user habits.

2, new member center module

new version to make up for the previous version does not have a member of the center of regret, re design of the member center. Registered members can manage their own information in the member center, but also can publish and manage their own manuscripts. The following menu hierarchy, convenient function expansion.

3, to strengthen the management functions of the column

The new version of

for further improvement of program management, such as adding a column page and the content page static switch, add custom column access path function, the new settings are enabled column directory access function, the new modified column article review article modify column more flexible control switches and so on.

JEECMS beta version of the full update list:


1, new member center module;


header member login to CSI calls, no longer subject to static pages;

4, amend the front vote wrong issue;

5, modify the background vote can not delete the problem;

6, modify the background column "whether to allow the top, step" invalid control function;

7, modify the background column "allow comments" control function is invalid;

7, the new parent column template;

8, modify the sub column of the front desk can not show the problem;

9, the new open column static function;

10, add custom column access path function;

11, modify some fields that may conflict with the reserved word of the database;

12, modified static column page after >

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