King of the dispute personalized news platform do not win the market but lost heart

when the traditional media in the face of the rise of personalized information platform, it seems that there is a sense of a knife on the neck. New York Times CEO Mark Thompson has described the traditional media industry’s approach to the Internet: " There is risk. But there is danger of staying outside the (party" cooperation risk, but not into the more dangerous)


will automatically learn information software, it can intelligently analyze your hobbies, automatically recommend you love the content, and more with the more you know when the news information platform market pattern has been the innovation of subversion. Although traditional media people also dare not speak, but in the face of the public pursuit of personalized news platform, they are aware of, or begin to change, or leave the industry.

is different from Flipboard and ZAKER, such as multi platform content depth customization, the domestic personalized information platform to take the machine recommended from the media to stay in such a mixed way. This later Taiwan data capture user interest, Taiwan by the self media content production, reception through the personalized recommendation model, in just 4 years, changed the pattern of the market Chinese news.

as of the end of 2015, China Mobile Internet users reached 1 billion 280 million, of which the news industry in the field of information industry reached the size of the user in the mobile terminal penetration rate reached 70.3%. In the cheetah global think tank released the Android APP January 2016 news rankings, today’s headlines, Tencent news, little information in mobile information APP before three, and accounted for more than 80% market share. And this is still the only one recommended by the traditional editing Tencent news, personalized news platform has become an absolute mainstream.


but even Tencent also began to accelerate the layout of personalized news platform. By the end of 15, the Tencent responsible for the former CTO Zhang Zhidong named internal propaganda media business OMG business group, requires attention to today’s headlines pattern. At this time, Tencent’s Daily Express also gradually surfaced, which is also regarded as the most important weapon Tencent sniper headlines today. Although Tencent attaches great importance to this project, but many employees of the Tencent are privately said, no problem with today’s headlines every day to express a guy, but to get rid of today’s headlines and easier said than done.

if you look back on the portal period of change in the news, most of the content is to move the line online. The structure and pattern of the news industry did not change substantially. For users, the first feeling is to get news faster, to find content. For the media practitioners is nothing more than the office of Zhongguancun, a more choice of stations.

but the emergence of personalized information platform

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