The programmer stealing 150 thousand citizens of information reselling for profit 785 yuan

27 year old programmer for the development of the database for the State Post Bureau, the illegal theft of the database information to citizens reselling, 6 by the city court to illegally obtain personal information of citizens, sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined ten thousand yuan.

illegal access to millions of information within the system

was born in 1988, Kang, before the incident in Beijing, the world Information Technology Co., ltd.. In March last year, its citizens on suspicion of illegal access to personal information crime, the crime of illegal access to computer information system data, detention public security organs, after being released on bail.

The prosecutor accused

, before the incident, Kang Cheng company news for programmers, place of work for the State Post Bureau, listen to others mentioned in the QQ group can be used to express a single number brush reputation, Kang money to use express order, from March 17, 2014 to 20, developed by the State Post Bureau of safety supervision of the three phase of the project database. Illegal access to personal information of citizens within the database of more than 15, and more than 1 citizens reselling personal information of others, illegal profits 785 yuan, and more than 400 other illegal access to information.

public prosecutor believes that Kang illegal access to personal information of citizens, should be illegal access to personal information of citizens held criminally responsible.

development system has signed a confidentiality agreement

"from the incident until now, every day I feel guilty, know yourself wrong, also very self blame, we are taught to me, I know I was wrong, I remember the lessons of life, will never violate the law." Court, Kang on the facts of the indictment allegations without objection, pleaded guilty on the spot, saying that he was guilty of committing crimes, has been in self blame.

Kang said that before the incident, the company’s own office of the post office of the national postal safety supervision information system maintenance project, Kang as a programmer, responsible for the development of. Kang said, in the programming work, you don’t have permission to download for the citizen information safety supervision system of the State Postal Bureau in, had previously signed a confidentiality agreement.

on the 6 day, the Western City Court on the case in court for sentencing, the court believes that Kang’s behavior constituted the crime of illegally obtaining personal information. In view of the defendant Kang pleaded guilty a good attitude, can truthfully confessed crimes, the punishment and probation, then made the decision.


"for hundreds of crimes is due to be blinded"

Kang said that in March 15, 2014, he saw in the QQ group of people buying and selling personal information. "I want to have personal information is developed in the database is to express a single number, the sender, recipient, purchase information and telephone, after a few days, I will give a few people in the online contact provides several information."

in order to convince the buyer to provide their own citizen information is obtained from authoritative channels, Kang is still room >

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