Angry Tonto tube than rogue rogue Telecom

I am a telecom agent, following the bitter experience with me, remind do the hosting agency business friends attention, in the managed industry there are some very rogue, garbage "big company", and I hope that we can from the telecom tug of war, to understand some of the so-called "unspoken rule" to avoid being cheated.

trap 1: good to talk about the price disinvited, kill you top

I was a customer in Telecom office hosting, a one-year contract will expire soon, I want to customers due to the development needs of the bandwidth from the original 100M share change into 5M exclusive, and I Telecom sales contact, then the price on the good, I took the check to sign the contract and they, they let me stamp, then they take the total company stamp, etc. they cover chapter let me give them a check, I agreed, so they call back.

contract is getting closer and closer, I asked several times to take them to the past, they are not sealed with the contract company, let me wait. Can see the contract expires, the money did not give them the heart is always not the end.

one day their business manager called me and told me that the price of the company did not grant, said to be higher than the original price of 2000 dollars.

I heard on the fire, I said: "your sales and not to talk about a good price? How such a large company without credit, the grant is not down why promise me, why I let me sign the contract with my clients to seal it, all the money to me, I could not coupled with the customer’s money."

their business manager, said: there is no way, is not approved by the head office. It’s just that you don’t work, we don’t have a cover."

contract has expired, they still insist, no way, the customer is always Cui I, I had to admit, they let me go and they re signed the contract, so it has to. Much money can only be made by me.

now has a problem, they told me that they not only 4M 5M, I said I can take the money, less bandwidth can not ah, I already and my client has signed the contract, the above 5M has written, also give me the money. I say no.

their manager said, "no, you can move to another place."

I said: "how do you such a big company how to do not speak a little credit? It is too overbearing."

, I can’t give up. Let me sign the contract, I said: "the contract has been for several days, I give you the money a year, that a few days or fast sharing, can I pay the 4M alone, the

how to do?"

their manager said: "give you a few days to delay a few days later."

I said: "then you give me to write on the contract."

he said, "that’s not going to do that

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