Behind the sweet dating website concerns audit loose regulatory gaps

audit lax, regulatory gaps, so that lovers are very hurt

"dear people looking for a love, love, love, to bid farewell to the single" urban "left male 3S lady" singing "the single song" declare their desire to bid farewell to the lonely, also let the ancient times matchmaker occupation into digital". From the ancient to the words of a match-maker previous professional, matchmaking services, until today’s various popular dating sites, "virtual network matchmaker" reputation is getting louder and louder, the market is bigger and bigger. But "IT times" reporter found in the survey, in addition to dating sites with broad and convenient, economical and practical advantages, the membership information lack the most basic verification and related regulatory gaps, members cheated the burden of proof is difficult, complaints difficult "mishaps" exist, so many sincerely hope that through the website to find the other half the lovers very hurt".

IT Times reporter Tang Xiaoyuan


] chaos

really bitter encounter married man

Shanghai love marriage Consulting Co. Ltd. introduction responsible person Ms. Dai introduction to "IT times" reporter "really" blind cheated through the website of the example: Ms. Zhang excellent, but the age is not small hope for an early marriage, registered as a dating site member, Ms. Zhang met Mr. Li members through the website, two like-minded, and soon developed into lovers, during which Mr. Li also promised as soon as possible. "But dragged after a period of time, Zhang found the man was already married! Feeling cheated the most hurt!" Ms. Dai told reporters that the experience of this farce reserve frustration to Ms. Zhang did not dare to believe that dating sites, to become a member of the traditional marriage.

married woman suffered a letter harassment

on the one hand, marriage sites do not register the authenticity of the registration information, on the other hand, love and marriage sites generally do not attach importance to the protection of personal information. Member registration information, it is easy to be leaked out.

recalled the encounter love website harassment experience, Lin Wei (a pseudonym) has been a headache. In 2008 just graduated from the University of Lin visan no contacts, then registered as a member of the dating website, leaving a mobile phone number and other contact information, last year after the cancellation of Linwei love members of the site. But at the beginning of this year, Lin has been married received a strange man’s phone calls, e-mail and other forms of harassment, expressed the hope that she has further exchanges and understanding.

Lin Wei found that these dating men are another dating website members, more let Linwei angry, "my photos, mobile phone number and other information are also open on this website! I have never been to this marriage nets, how to become a member of them?" after tracing after the discovery, the original use of the site of the photos and other information are registered before 2008 Linwei a dating website left, is a dating website from the copy before Linwei information posted in.

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