According to the application life cycle select different advertising mode

domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, the study of specific business cases, will be able to practitioners and people involved in this field to a certain reference.



founder Zhang Ning (Tencent technology plan)

although the application of paid downloads and emerging business models in the country is still in the exploratory stage, through the sale of advertising in order to obtain revenue, has begun to allow some developers to make a profit. AI media consulting statistical data showed that as of the end of 2011, profit about 1 million domestic mobile phone application developers accounted for only 13.7%, which in addition to rely on the enterprise itself as a supplement or other product profit through the application of outsourcing services, the main profit channels or mobile advertising.

if developers want to get revenue through mobile advertising, he needs to understand and pay attention to what?. In the interview, he suggested that developers should be combined with the characteristics of their application and life cycle to explore different advertising models, seize the best opportunity to expand their own interests in the most appropriate advertising model.

mobile advertising platform selection needs to find suitable for their own

application developers in the application of embedded advertising SDK source includes two kinds: the use of mobile advertising platform and mobile advertising aggregation (Management) platform. There are many domestic mobile advertising platform to provide services, according to Zhang Ning introduction, he heard two versions, forty or fifty or seventy or eighty. Although there are differences between the two data statistics caliber, but the problem is that the developers face so many advertising platform, often confused, that I do not know which one to choose.

can be divided into two categories according to the different objects of the mobile advertising service: the service for advertisers and the service for developers. At present, the domestic mobile advertising platform based on advertising services. The main goal is to put ads on mobile phone platform advertising, to achieve rapid and large-scale advertising effect, so the mobile advertising platform will connect all kinds of large-scale applications, so that advertisers can be targeted according to their own needs.

as mobile advertising management platform for the early positioning in the service for developers, is now gradually transition for developers and advertisers put in contact, on the one hand mobile advertising management platform for developers, on the other hand by acquiring brand advertisers resources, help developers direct sales of advertising, the depth of cooperation or application characteristics customized function.

developers in the new industry to choose more mobile advertising platform, because it is easier to use and understand the operation. A single advertising platform model is that the advertisers advertising costs to the advertising platform, advertising platform and developers to share the income. But they tend to be less advertisers, advertising fill rate is insufficient, the content of advertising and other issues. As a result, developers often migrate over a number of mobile ad platforms, seeking to improve in constant attempts

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