To B broke out in enterprise service trading platform Unicorn ready

according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in 2015, newly registered enterprises reached 4 million 439 thousand, average every day there are 12 thousand new business was born, as there are currently the main market, rising wages, to provide professional services for enterprises "nannies" — such as SaaS, a public space, enterprise service platform 77 million 469 thousand, body. So many companies born in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the flood, as the "baby boom" by keeping them status is rising.

people can not predict which startups can rise, the kind of business model can usher in the dawn, but it is certain that meet the needs of users of large-scale enterprises To mode based on B (To Bussiness) the fire would not have been difficult. According to the "2015 Chinese enterprise service business white paper" shows that in 2015 a total of 400 enterprises to obtain financing for investment services company, the total amount of 25 billion yuan, 8 times more than that of 2013, To B company’s equity investment attention ranking.

large enterprise users, strong demand for services, a huge gap in the market, strong capital inflows, making To B full flowering in various industry segments, each business module, and presents two shares split: one is to provide professional technical solutions for the enterprise, is the representative of another SaaS; is providing a one-stop Butler service for entrepreneurial projects, belongs to the enterprise service platform model.


an expert To B business may face problems

enterprises have the enterprise market, because the service object is not individual, the enterprise market than the consumer market compared to water deeper, for example, if the sale of bottled water business in a convenience store called To C, then to the office supply of bottled water business is To B, To B business is: (1) a huge financial transaction, office a week to send hundreds of barrels of water, the monthly cash flow is also a lot of; (2) the transaction relationship is relatively stable, consumers buy bottled water loyalty to the office of water supply businesses generally will not easily change; (3) the procurement process, relationship the complex, often to matchmaking, acquaintances introduced it, have no way to participate in the bidding, so it is very important to identify; (4) a high degree of specialization, industrialization is the biggest characteristic of social division of labor, let professional People do professional things, so that it can be efficient.

SaaS (enterprise online software) currently in the capital market is very hot, showing a strong competition situation in project coordination, customer relationship management (CRM), OA system, enterprise mailbox, invoicing, human resource management (HRM), online video conference, conference form questionnaire and other fields, a variety of professional software for the company related business emerge in an endless stream, provides a new tool for digital management.

but in the professional SaaS market fragmentation phenomenon, >

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