China is a member of the regulatory network in the frequency of the frequency of injury

Chinese largest online dating platform, is China’s first in the United States listed Jiayuan dating sites (Nasdaq:DATE) listed for more than a month, there are some false information paying members exposed due to the website by fraud, the site looks troubled.

Jiayuan founder and CEO Gong Haiyan (micro-blog) said, "Jiayuan has done a lot of work in the aspect of supervision, as much as possible to maintain a pure personal serious atmosphere, but we do not have the ability to guarantee the authenticity of each piece of information."

in the industry view, the key is that there are many loopholes Jiayuan’s business model, actually certified, site supervision, and related legal gaps and weak sense of self-protection and other problems are likely to occur due to fraud, to seek true love marriage to bring psychological and physical damage.

Jiayuan: improve the members of their own "immunity"

the "daily economic news" reporter login Jiayuan official website, free to fill in the information display after successful registration, with less than 5 minutes after. Because there is no real identity documents, work documents, etc., the lowest level of the stars, but also the lowest level of authenticity in the site. After each upload a document, you can add a star, up to five stars.

According to Ren Jianan, director of public relations

Jiayuan, service center has established cooperative inquiry Jiayuan and the Ministry of public security national citizen identity card number, membership for integrity certification by the Ministry of public security authentication system.


has been questioned in Jiayuan cheated parties, why can provide false information on the site active so long time? Gong Haiyan said that the first Jiayuan has done a lot of work, as far as possible to maintain "serious pure personal atmosphere", but also do not have the ability to guarantee the authenticity of each message. Every day we ‘Black’ some looks very beautiful registered user photos, we have to respect the wisdom of Internet users. At the same time, we will regularly to members to send the latest Internet fraud scam, hoping to improve the immunity of members."

she also stressed that "Jiayuan is. In the century, most users in the message exchange QQ number or mobile phone number, the other is the online communication behavior occurs."

one of the victims of the Guangdong told reporters: "serious matchmaking should at least provide true information, but we have met in long Jiayuan deceived many women cheat, Jiayuan faire false information, members bring mental and physical damage, money, it is difficult to imagine it as soon as possible to review obligations."

Ren said that so far, the company has never received a complaint from the court or summons.

insiders pointed out that the core problem is the matchmaking website real name authentication problem. Beijing Pacific Century lawyer Yu Jing said.

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