An advertising company clone Xinhua filing for alleged fraud

yesterday afternoon, the netizen found a "silver net" and "Xinhua news website is very similar, the website not only theft logo, the overall style is similar. Ministry of domain name information filing system confirmed that the site is marked by a false record number, such as the confirmation of infringement is true, will be ordered to close.

, "I was on the site for a minute and didn’t see it as a copycat." Mr. Wang said that he found in the time of online news, a company called "silver." the website posing as, also with the same format. "Even the Logo and color style are the same, can be deceptive, the domain name is".

reporter compared the two sites, if not carefully identified, it is difficult to find the difference between the two. However, copycat in some of the details or the cat out of the bag. Silver. Although the Logo right set up local channels, but can not open the link; though it is blue and white, but "Xinhua news headlines in the net silver has been the" latest news "instead of. In addition, copycat more content to give priority to social news, rather than domestic news.

yesterday afternoon, reporters call the Ministry of domain information filing system, the staff said, silver net labeled below the record number of "Beijing ICP 1100856" is a false record no.. "The regular Beijing ICP number is 8, and the site has only a single digit of 7 digits." Staff confirmed that the domain name registration company for the Shanghai silver easy Advertising Co., Ltd., the record number of Shanghai ICP prepared 10215720, is a non operating site. Staff said that if the site is determined to be true infringement, will be ordered to close.

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