Quzhou first grassroots webmaster gathering look forward to your participation

today, a friend asked me to hold a gathering for Quzhou grassroots webmaster, I think it makes sense. There are so many cities in admin5. Although we Quzhou small, although not many webmaster. However, the development of the network in Quzhou, the need for more webmaster unite, unite. More exchanges, common. Quzhou region for the development of the Internet to make a modest contribution to


full moon night, the top of the Ximen Chuixue, tianwaifeixian. On the occasion of the 9.16 day, special hero called Quzhou a vast network of insiders to jointly plan. The knight station (www.xkzzz.com) held, Admin5 organized the first session of the 2011 Quzhou grassroots party "will be held on September 16th


organizer: Knight station     CO organizer: webmaster nets Admin5.com

theme: exchange learning, improve together.

date: September 16th, 5:30 pm.

location: Kecheng District of

fee: free, enjoy VIP treatment

number: no limit (advance application thread, or telephone registration. Do not apply the scene fee plus 10 yuan Encore a)

alternative topics:

1, the development of local industry website.

2, website localization development method.

welcome to provide communication topics.

note: limited to Quzhou to sign up to participate in the party, the field can also be registered in Quzhou.

contact: Jiang Pingzhong


contact: QQ:309902071 TEL:15305700992 (Note: Quzhou people)  

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