YAHOO av com domain name auction starting price of 1 million 500 thousand


technology news Beijing time on November 14th morning news, YAHOO announced Wednesday, in November 14th will be between 21 to more than and 100 years of auction of "high quality" domain name to accumulate, the lowest price is $1000, the highest is $1 million 500 thousand.

Although YAHOO said it would sell more than and 100 domain names, but now in the domain name trading site Sedo is only listed on the 29 of the

. YAHOO said the company will continue this week to other domain names.

in the domain name has been on the shelves, the lowest price is two and, the starting price of only $1000 to $5000; but in this list, so far the most expensive is, the starting price of US $1 million 500 thousand to $1 million.

"YAHOO has a long history of a company like YAHOO," says

. "It’s always a lot of fun to find out about a company that has a long history. This year, we found that the company has a large number of domain names, and the time has been very long. We discussed how to deal with these domains, and finally came to the conclusion that it was clear that it was time to set them free. We believe that creative individuals, companies and entrepreneurs will be able to use these users to do something great. Even these domains may inspire new ideas or create new companies."

but the industry pointed out that it is hard to believe that the YAHOO auction domain is completely well intentioned, in fact the company may just want to through the auction to make quick money, because the value of the domain name is likely to have peaked, but YAHOO never be used.

industry insiders say that if YAHOO can successfully sell most of domain name, should get millions or tens of millions of dollars of income; a quarter revenues of more than $1 billion of the company, this is only for money, but at least is beneficial and harmless. (Tang Feng)

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