DigiLens financing 22 million SONY Foxconn investment

January 19th, according to foreign media (VentureBeat) reported that the display technology firm DigiLens announced the completion of $22 million financing to build a better VR and AR products.

DigiLens is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, dedicated to the production of VR and AR for the diffraction of optical waveguide technology and nano materials. CEO Jonathan Waldern said in an interview, DigiLens technology can achieve AR effect in thin glasses on the glass products for automobile and motorcycle helmet, aircraft windshield, VR/AR head etc..

the financing of investment, including SONY, Foxconn, Continental group, Panasonic and Dolby, etc.. DigiLens plans to partner with strategic investment partners in the future to market. Analysts expect the VR/AR market to reach $108 billion by 2021.


Continental Automotive Corporation expects AR head up display to enhance driving safety. AR information directly displayed on the windshield, the driver does not need to bow to control all travel related information. SONY plans to use DigiLens waveguide optics in the next generation of AR products. The latter will give AR devices to bring a broader vision and better color effects. Foxconn is expected to DigiLens R & D to break the current AR manufacturing price barriers. Panasonic is also interested in the future of automotive design using DigiLens technology.

so far, with a total of 42 employees DigiLens raised $35 million.

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