Jocie Guo been arrested on suspicion of casino crimes to the public security organs investigation

[Jocie Guo] been arrested on suspicion of casino crimes in August 13, 2014, Beijing Dongcheng District people’s Procuratorate accepted the Beijing Dongcheng Public Security Bureau submitted a request for approval of arrest Jocie Guo on suspicion of casino case. After the Dongcheng District people’s Procuratorate, in August 20th on suspicion of the crime of opening casinos approved Jocie Guo arrest, the public security organs to carry out the investigation of the case.

according to the Legal Evening News, this afternoon, the Legal Evening News reporter learned from the East Procuratorate, Jocie Guo suspicion of casino crimes, was arrested on August 20th, by the public security organs of the case continue to carry out investigation work. Under the law, Jocie Guo or will face more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years.

called the "casino" refers to the profit for the purpose of business to provide places for gambling, gambling, gambling, provide a set of chips, money gambling behavior. According to China’s "criminal law" and "casino, three years imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and impose a fine; if the circumstances are serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years, and fined provisions", according to previous police verification of Jocie Guo’s every gambling casino opened in more than $1 million. The provisions of the crime of opening casinos in the case of serious circumstances, Jocie Guo will face more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years and fined punishment

previously reported:

news the day before, Jocie Guo suspicion of soccer gambling during the world cup in Brazil, by the Beijing police to take coercive measures. Reporters from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, July 14th, Jocie Guo and others by the Beijing Dongcheng Public Security Bureau of criminal detention on suspicion of gambling crime.

long-term participation in gambling activities

during the world cup this year, Beijing police seized a suspected gambling gangs. They open an account in the offshore gambling sites, gambling by telephone, WeChat and other forms of gambling. One of the suspects Jocie Guo admits she through the network betting in soccer gambling and personally organized gambling, and further confessed to her long-term participation in gambling activities, as well as profiteering open gambling crimes. According to the police initially identified, Jocie Guo has more than 60 times to Macao, Hongkong and neighboring countries gambling.

Beijing police have been identified, Jocie Guo allegedly opened gambling, prostitution and gambling sites publishing false information to improve the visibility of other criminal acts. Currently, Beijing police have teamed up in Guangdong, Hunan and other places to set up a joint police task force to investigate the case.

plans to go back to life

2011, Jocie Guo micro-blog in the real name authentication for China Red Cross business manager ", and published a large number of photographs show off their wealth caused public concern. The Red Cross Chinese will therefore be involved in the whirlpool of public opinion questioned, and Jocie Guo has become synonymous with the network Hyun rich girl, which continues in the online high-profile show off their wealth, and to undertake the project performance endorsement.

Jocie Guo confession, when only 19 years old >

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