A year of tens of billions of dollars to be stolen go into the hardest hit by piracy network literat

Xinhua News Agency reporter Shi Jingnan


" Nirvana in Fire spend thousands of bones "" "" by the Dragon tactic network literary adaptation of the film and television works together with high popularity, powerful network literature confirms the force of suction gold". But behind the fiery appearance, network literature into piracy "disaster", a year of nearly ten billion yuan was "stolen", and the low cost of infringement, the burden of rights difficult, let the industry miserable.

network works frequently "the second pirates", it is difficult to support himself by writing

day before the tenth session of the sub list list of writers "network writer list" officially released, for three consecutive years dominated the top network great God Tang three little, to 110 million yuan of annual royalty income top champion.

2015 can be called the outbreak of the network literature, according to the network of literary works adapted movies, TV series, the size of the network play screen. These IP adaptation of the film and television works burst red, to bring more Internet copyright revenue. But at the same time, the network literature piracy intensified, many network literary works from the day of birth began to be infringed".


the industry serious polarization, by writing to feed themselves not many people, the vast majority of practitioners is very hard, often every day writing words, but with the return to pay is not proportional." "The grace" network writer told reporters, to sell the copyright of network literature author "is the top of the Pyramid, most of the sources of income by network subscription, but suffered heavy losses due to piracy, the network writers pay and reward far.

iResearch consulting released earlier this year, China’s online literature copyright protection white paper shows that the phenomenon of piracy in the network literature for a long time. If the network literature piracy in 2014 in accordance with all genuine valuation, PC end pay reading income losses amounted to 4 billion 320 million yuan, the mobile terminal to pay income losses amounted to 3 billion 450 million yuan, 2 billion 180 million yuan output value of derivatives losses, industry losses of nearly 10 billion yuan. The proportion of pirated users in the forum post bar and other novels are more than 50%.

"now the web’s largest sources of piracy is Post Bar Post Bar, a group of people called ‘hand’, in genuine works out, they watch genuine while typing, can be serialized in a few minutes in Post Bar." "The grace" said, the industry there is a word called "the second pirates", namely the network literature piracy speed can be counted by seconds, piracy and genuine close in time synchronization also makes many users choose pirated contents of the network literature.

infringement easy rights difficult to make network piracy unbridled

with the development of network technology, the pattern of piracy becomes more complex and subtle." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Taofen Foundation Chairman Nie Zhenning said that at present China’s tort way of network literature mainly have the web site, document sharing platform, cloud storage and application software of App categories.

according to reports, the network site is mainly used to upload the infringement without permission of the author’s works to attract >

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