Seven weapons WeChat marketing immortal sword

in his "seven weapons", seven novellas, seven characters, seven totally different story, seven priorities, and speed of rigid, distinctive style. Immortal sword, peacock, Jasper knife, sentimental ring, parting hook overlordgun fist seven non general arena weapons, pieces of exquisite beyond compare. These seven weapons become in a hand reach the acme of perfection. So, WeChat marketing sector, but also to show what kind of weapons seven


the sky jade Beijing, five floor, twelve city. The fairy on my roof, first by phoenix. "Immortal sword" –

is a two edged sword, when lifting a fighting way, the other side will be in front of their.

certainly, WeChat marketing has become the enterprise marketing tool is heated up at present, looking through the WeChat Hotel Hanting pudding made fast, Durex WeChat small brand of integrated marketing,, said the beautiful plus around these small fresh and more beautiful, since the media take a WeChat car also fengfengguangguang…… So, a lot of eyes are burning fire, a lot of people want to join in, feel the sun.

but, after a lot of people to play really very tangled: why to me, do not play


why do I insist on pushing information every day, concerned about the rise and fall?

why is my new concern growing slowly?

why do I do activities, interaction is very low

is this WeChat wind going on?

in the end there is no effect?


not understand marketing, it has become a double-edged sword, the sword does not understand only go move is not only difficult to achieve the purpose, more likely to hurt yourself.

Web fire, the website also made, but no one came, a town of


shop fire, also do, but no one to buy, confused;


fire, certification is also done, but no fans up, self deception;


opened fire, the public number, but not the content, there is no interaction, ziyuzile.

did not see, this is a lot of companies to do the status of Internet marketing, today, the other not to comment, just talk about WeChat.

why? The reason is very simple, want to play too much, too little.

to WeChat, for example, we do not advocate all industries, all enterprises have to play, because some industries are not appropriate. For example, last week I do WeChat marketing salon lecture in Hangzhou, here more than and 150 people with basic digital IT industry, a funny dude break me down to communicate with friends, he is doing the naked eye 3D tablet computer. I am also very curious ah: you this fresh products WeChat marketing should be quite the right answer? "

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