WeChat important version update 6 seconds small video to change the 10 second big video you tested

today (December 12th) at noon, WeChat circle of friends suddenly had a big wave of friends began to share the video content, someone with the text WeChat zoom trick, it was also said that 10 seconds is too short".

this is a new feature introduced today WeChat iOS 6.5.1 version of the user has previously shared in a small circle of friends in the small video from 6 seconds to extend to 10 seconds, and users can share in the circle of friends in the album video. Click on the circle of friends in the upper right corner of the camera icon, after the small video options have been shot instead of, according to the photo shoot, long press video.


In addition

, click on the video shoot in the new version of WeChat, shooting interface is no longer a previous version of the square frame, but the mobile phone adapter full screen viewfinder, the camera also supports the camera when switching around.

for the album length of more than 10 seconds in the video, the user in the selection of the preview, must be in a second of the progress bar inside the box to select the fragment, after compression can be released in the circle of friends.


in the circle of friends to actively test new friends on the function of WeChat changes is mixed, some people think that this is a good way to "clear memory, others say that this change may mean that WeChat will be in the direction of a short video more action –" the future can live ", of course. It was also said, 10 seconds and 6 seconds difference", "small video should be compressed, chicken"……

supports the choice of album video, some people think this is the most important feature of this version of the update, which means that the circle of friends video content will be more abundant. All along, WeChat in a short video on the slow movement as the industry criticized, this change is expected to enrich the content of UGC, increase the users in the circle of friends stay long.

but there are users that had supported the direct shooting can guarantee the authenticity and real-time video, and can support external video editing function may make the micro business people, ready to "carefully edited advertising". Local file transfer may also be brought to the difficulty of WeChat content audit.

10 second micro channel video features you test? How do you feel


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