Micro blog resources and how to get maximum profit

for many of our service we are all at the same time orders constantly update their resource table, this time we might have a lot of wrong operation, this may be a direct result of some of our information abroad and even affect our previous work. I have had this mistake, and more than once.

then contact us again when bloggers, and our resources should be how to deal with the received after? Then I here specifically said we should develop what kind of habits, to ensure that our resources continue to update, but not because of the confused resource leak.

first. When we get to the blogger, we should note the QQ number and the phone number

after the corresponding micro-blog

we are in contact when bloggers should pay attention to the blogger to contact the note to the corresponding micro-blog number immediately, we may find that many bloggers may give your micro-blog resources more than one, then we need to put these resources to give a good note name resources table into * * * micro-blog number resources, when we go after finishing convenient contact to a good note. We note that the main purpose of QQ and other contact information is to facilitate contact:

1 received a single time can be found directly through the corresponding micro-blog search, then you can quickly find contact

2 easy to contact to understand the price of each number

Second. The main



many of us may be the same as I did before, when you want to contact the way, there is no longer in charge of him. I think we should be the first time to contact blogger, this depends on our specific circumstances. Mainly to see if we have so much time.

(1) plus friends for the first time, you can ask the price

so when we take a single heart number, this single can earn, it is convenient to customers to bargain.

(2) looking for more resources

we bloggers are more than a micro-blog, then we add as a friend, you can ask for more resources, then we can directly put these numbers together, so for customers more choice. In this process, we may find that these micro-blog may not be the blogger, but the master of the second hand resources, then we need to re organize, contact the resources. As long as we are two parts to this number is a blogger:

1 price

we judge the price is not a general resource, besides the operations team and the famous blogger, there are few thousands of tens of thousands of numbers, then his which prices are thousands of words, so basically belong to the secondary resources.

2 volume


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