Professional T blog do not do Google Adsense

      if you are ready to open a IT class blog, and it will be very professional (compared to a simple guide, download, installation, etc.), it is best not to use Google Adsense to make money. This is a IT blog has been proved by a lot of, I also have deep experience. Reasons are as follows:

The specificity of

1. visitors.

you       the visitor is very familiar with the Internet, but only a handful of Internet users, they usually can distinguish what is advertising which is the actual content, whether you have a good color collocation, how to integrate the blog advertising subject, they will basically ignore. Click on the possibility of interest is very small, the delayed only occasionally occur, so the ad click rate will make you extremely disappointed. And if you put too much advertising, it is easy to cause the reader’s antipathy. Of course, if your traffic is very large, or there will be a good click through rate, such as some have made the famous IT blog.

The specificity of

2. blog theme.

      IT class blog if you want to make the flow takes great strength, because this type of blog in China accounted for the majority, it is the largest in the blog service provider, you want to blog in many talent shows itself needs strong patience and very high writing means. It is much harder to attract traffic than other types of blogs.

3. keyword cheap.

      Chinese keyword is very cheap, and the key words about the technical class is the cheapest in these keywords. The reason is that advertisers are limited, but very much advertising people, economic and market oversupply is a truth.

      we can look at the top ten Google Adsense keyword price distribution, this is the general situation, the magnitude of fluctuations is generally small. You can see that only one is related to IT.

      foreign exchange $17.83 – $26.74
      $5.45 – $6.81
      $4.12 – $5.18
      B $3.79 – $5.68
      printing $2.11 – $3.0
      wedding; $1.84 – $2.63

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