How does the program d monitor the development and dissemination of applications

is now the Internet era and the application of flooding, more and more applications and software applications have become the effective power, the development of the Internet and, with the continuous development of the Internet, various applications spread, has become an important aspect of the development of the Internet, the harm recently, applications including mobile Internet applications, has become the new constraints factors of Internet privacy and security risks of development, especially with the outbreak of mad from privacy breaches of user opinion, reliability and safety for the application of the right to know and the right to know there is a deviation, therefore, to strengthen the supervision program "identity card" has become the Internet application shizaibide.

malware "imprisoned"

with Internet applications and for mobile Internet applications demand, more and more developers to enter the ranks of application development, become to promote the prosperity and development procedure, especially with the development of mobile Internet, more and more mobile applications have become the most direct driving force of development of the Internet, but in this one is always accompanied by some malicious applications to disturb the market order, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in 2013 China Mobile security monitoring data report platform application software 3 billion 920 million, the malware is detected 11 million 220 thousand times, which added 690 thousand new malware, malicious software is more than five times in 2012. The massive malware in the Internet field were "imprisoned" attitude, in the free market development, malicious applications have become the most important aspect of the development of Internet threats.

third party sniper malicious program


said malicious programs in the Internet era has shown a rampant development of the scene, but on the whole market, has brought the gospel to the rise of the third party software for many users, more and more security guards antivirus software or intercept malware has become the effective barrier, not only on the PC side, the mobile terminal is as so, therefore, the third party software for malicious program development become a sniper’s nightmare, with the continuous progress of third party software more and more technology, malicious software is no place to hide, and play an important role in the governance of malicious software.

program visa, the achievement of ecological regulation

The market for

application development, third party software only plays a kind of supervision and regulation effect, to completely solve the supervision, set up the market norms, or rely on the program name for visa, recently launched the program name visa system, let all the applications running in the sun, through the installation of applications can use good understanding of the developers, through this program ID system continuously for the application of the regulation of open market space, and through the real name authentication is equivalent to a set of procedures for their own "identity card" system for malware regulation can play a supervisory role better, become a tool to promote the application market supervision procedures.

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