Standing about WeChat marketing that is the trick is bullshit

has been busy with his nuts, so he doesn’t write much. Today, I’m going to talk about things.

I started in March this year, WeChat electricity supplier to do the work, in fact, is not what the job is to do their own part-time. Why do WeChat, I was in the previous article, why do I give up Taobao to do WeChat electricity supplier to sell nuts, said, did not see the reply can be viewed 121. Here is no longer speak.

at that time, what do not understand, are relying on self-study, until now it will slowly make things a little bit clear WeChat


now, my personal circle of friends more than 2 thousand friends. WeChat public number more than 2 thousand fans. Not many friends, fans are not many. Are a little bit of accumulation, little by little chat out.

because most of my friends and fans are electricity providers, so, we will come to ask me something about the electricity supplier. Usually free, the basic will reply. So, we all trust me, willing to communicate with me.

so, we all want to pay me to help you do WeChat operations.

here, I thank you for my affirmation.

I’m going to tell you why I’m not willing to accept your money and help you with WeChat.

as the title says, standing about WeChat marketing, are in fact bullshit. At present the network, each claiming to be God, what marketing founder, a lot of people first. These people, through writing posts, send some articles, attract people to pay attention to, and WeChat, and then add the button, after, after talking, want to get more knowledge or learn more need to pay the cost of dry cargo, membership, or spend money to buy school information.

in fact, for such a person, on the one hand, I am very envious, on the other hand, it is very despised. Envy is his money, despise his purpose. Why is the purpose, because, to become a member of his, is nothing more than a YY. voice speak several cases of mature, incoherent talk, then talk about some theories of truth, then let us to do. For some people do not understand the marketing operations of WeChat, the beginning of some useful, but for those who have the basis, the ability of people, very few can learn.

their purpose is money.

actually, you ass think also know that you have seen really busy every day in WeChat marketing operation, and the idle time for you to do this and do that? Have you ever seen to train you say what students flow closely reasoned and well argued, my super million, then he has what brand do, do sell hundreds of millions have?. Why not, do you think? The reason is very simple, because they are also flicker, they can not do it.

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